So there’s been a surge in followers lately

I would like to thank you for your continued following of my blog. I still can’t believe there’s so many of you here and it keeps me going through busy days! I am particularly these days as I’m on rotations. It also appear E is lambing if you hadn’t guessed. 

But keep asking us questions and we’ll try our best to answer :) and keep trying to find interesting things to whet your appetite for veterinary medicine.

W :)

P.S: sorry for the lambing picture spam! Let us know if you have accepted any offers for vet school! E xxx

Adult Equid Vaccination Chart



Any followers I have may know that I am not a large animal person. I honestly feel like if I look at a horse the wrong way, they’ll just colic on me & die instantly. Is that likely to happen? No, but I still feel like the horse gods would make an exception & just let it happen to mess with me.

ANYWAY, part of my large animal medicine final is studying all the vaccination procedures/protocols for adult equids. This chart is actually one of the most helpful things I have ever come across. Just thought I’d share it in case anyone else might get some use out of it as well.

This could be useful next term! 


Everyone is trying to sleep and this one little guy is determined to keep them up!

Trying to save two ickle babies!

Trying to save two ickle babies!



Currently on the 5th of 14 night shifts lambing and WANT TO DIE

Anonymous asked
Thanks!(: I'm afraid I don't qualify for the gateway tho, say if I did get AAB, would my application just be dismissed or would I still have a chance? Apologies for mithering it's just I've had mixed opinions on how strict the entry requirements are

You hve to do pretty damned well in the other areas of the application to get an offer of AAB, like insanely good interview and work experience. it is possible, however it’s incredibly difficult. 

I had two offers for AAA and was accepted with AAB, B in chemistry. It is possible, but rare. Also it’s worth taking a gap year to work on the B :) E xx
Anonymous asked
Also is liverpool less exam heavy than the RVC? And do you have your exams before or after holidays? As I'd struggle with AHEMS knowing I have revision ahead of me x

Our exams are after holidays, I didn’t do any PCEMS at Christmas but also didn’t do any revision cos I’m shit. Exams in May are three weeks after Easter holidays this year and I’m doing two weeks lambing and should hopefully be ok!

Anonymous asked
Hi, wondering if anyone could help me with a decision? Im currently a RVC gateway student that can carry on to the 5 year BVetMed course but also have an offer for BVetMed at liverpool Does anyone have any pro's and Con's about the 2 courses?Also, is liverpool less exam heavy compared to the RVC?The main thing that is worrying me is that if I go on to the liverpool course my previous AHEMS wont count and I'll only have 2 years to complete the 12 weeks rather than 3!

Woo! RVC!! Luckily we have a RVC and Liverpool admin to battle it out. You’ve witnessed the RVC and the first stage of the course and the facilities in your first year here so no need to go on about those. the major pros for me is that the gateway course puts you at a major advantage for the RVC as it’s more tailored to our course. Also you know the place, have friends here and know your way around. The not as much AHEMS definitely seemed to cheer up my gateway friends too. 

There’s a slim chance I may know you!! you will probably have heard my ULU speech at interviews last year. Anyway enough droning from me. E will hopefully be along to provide Liverpool creds.


Yooooo So Liverpool has 5 exams twice a year but January’s don’t count for anything in years 1-3. 12 weeks EMS isn’t a lot when you think about the amount of holiday you have! We are a really practical course, the campus is lovely, the staff are great. If you have any specific questions send another message and I can answer in greater detail in the morning when I’m more awake :))) E xxx

Anonymous asked
Hello, Im a first year vet student really struggling with the work load, and unsure whether Ive gone into the right degree, I cant find the motivation to work and another 4 years of this daunts me, is it normal to feel completely over your head?

Hi there! The workload for veterinary medicine is intense and yes a lot of people are overwhelmed.

They key to getting on top of it is finding a work method that works for you. trawling through lectures writing wonderfully neat notes is not always the way to go and it doesn’t necessarily help. I hate doing this and it takes any interest away. I prefer a whiteboard and just mind vomiting onto it in a method that suits my head. maybe applying some cases to it to make it more interesting. 

People have doubts about the course all the time, and at first the massive mountain ahead of you is daunting. But if you’re at a good university there are people who can help you find a way to improve your learning, make it interesting for you and help you get through vet school to the best job in the world.

I’ve not got much motivation for work, and I’m still chugging along, it gets better. Which university are you at? Just out of interest, we may be able to direct help.